A little about me: 
"Josh here. I do freelance multimedia production."
I’m a production professional, known for “working my magic” and consistently creating “our new favorite spot.” With over 9 years in the TV industry, built on solid training in digital media and communications, I bring a photographer’s eye, a musician’s touch, a writer’s attention to detail and an athlete’s sense of competitive teamwork to my projects.
"I’ve worked effectively with hundreds of clients on over 3000 projects."
Passionate about what I do and  constantly pushing my limits, I bring my skills and values in full force to every project. Proud of my work, I love a good challenge, I work smart and keep it positive. I am adept at filming, editing and animating on Mac and PC and excellent at coordinating, planning, taking initiative and solving problems before you hear about them.
"I grew up in Bolivia, S.A. and that’s not all!"
"If you think my experience can be of assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch!"
Thank you!
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